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This is "after".

This is "before" doh'

Dave Schmarder's Home Improvement

Dave's house gets a facelift, but Dave still looks just as bad.

Hi Everyone! My house is getting a new look, thanks to Geno at Triple J Construction The work has begun. The old siding is off, and some of the insulation board is up. Not bad for a day and a half! If the rain stays away, this job will go fast!

Also, Geno put in a range hood. I left room when I had my kitchen remodeled, and sort of forgot about it. It popped into my mind and Geno picked out an excellent hood, and now my kitchen is complete!

Also on my list is a new front door and storm door. Why put up all new great looking siding and have a crappy door in the middle? I thought it would be a good time to replace it as long as the house getting siding.

I'll continue this blog as the pictures come out of the darkroom. The pictures are below.


Update: Jun 15, 2014 Today I went to Home Depot and purchased a set of decorative shutters to place on the smaller front window. At one time this house had shutters there. The shutters help balance the front of the house look as compared with the triple window on the right side.

At this time, I won't add shutters to the side windows, although it is possible later. It looks great as it is. Maybe I'll make some paper cutouts and place them beside each window to see how it might look. The shutters aren't expensive and aren't difficult to put up (so long as there are no shrubs to fight). BTW, in case you haven't noticed, I did lower the height of the 4 larger shrubs. I may lower the two in the middle if I find that I didn't kill the larger shrubs. :)

Anyway, take a look at the rest of the pictures. This is my biggest external home improvement job. Absolutely no regrets from me!

Off Damned Shingles!

Dave's Nude House

Dave's Range Hood. Now I have to learn to cook something.

New front door and insulation.

The back is now insulated and ready for the siding.

The outside door is on. Perfect job!

The start of the siding.

More siding with the new attic vent.

The south side siding is complete.

The siding is up on the back. Lots of detail work and rain held us up a bit.

Latest view of the back. The scrap metal is gone. Nice and tidy.

The north side is going up. I helped on this side, but fortunately that doesn't show. :)

This side is finished and the front has started. Hope the weather holds up!

Heading down the final stretch!

The siding is complete! Tomorrow comes the gutters, etc.

Above are a few detail shots. Geno took his time on these.

Home Sweet Home

Dave's Shadow Selfie.